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A Korean dish you can easily make at home

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Catherin Ji, owner of Cho Won Garden, visited WBTV News Sunday Morning to show us how to make a traditional Korean dish.

The recipe follows:

Kalbi (Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs)

Korean-style short ribs can be found at most Asian market.

Korean-style short ribs are cut lengthwise across the rib bones, the result is a thin strip of meat. about 8 to 10 inches in length, lined on 1 side with 1/2-in thick rib bones.


5lb Beef Short ribs

1 Cup sugar

1 Cup soy sauce

4 Cup spring water

1/2 Cup Red wine

1 Small onion (peeled and finely pureed)

1/2 Cup Korean or Asian pear (peeled and pureed)

1/2 Cup sesame oil (split into two 1/4 cups for later use)

1/4 Cup pineapple (peeled and pureed)

1 teaspoon black pepper

1 tablespoon peeled and finely chopped garlic

1/4 cup honey

1/4 cup corn syrup


wash the cut beef short ribs in cold running water then set a side.

Place the washed kalbi in a  large bowl and add the 1/4 cup of sesame oil to the washed ribs.  This will help the kalbi marinade with more flavor.  

*cut onion, pear, pineapple in to 1" cubic size. use blander to puree.  All these vegetables and fruits may be pureed together to cut preparation time. 

*Directions to marinade

add all of the ingredient over kalbi and mix the kalbi into the sauce to soak.  After all the kalbi is soaking in the marinade refrigerate for one day in the marinade.

*Directions to cook

There are a few ways to cook the kalbi after it has been marinated overnight.  You can cook it on your charcoal grill outside to your desired doneness.  You may also use your broiler at home to cook the kalbi.  Lastly you can also use your stovetop with a nonstick pan and cook over medium heat to your liking.

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