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Companies pick up the hiring pace


For the first time since the recession, a wide variety of companies are getting enthusiastic about hiring.

"We're saying to the whole Charlotte community, we're ready," says Scott Sheffield, a manager at CarMax. "We're looking for people. And we're excited about that."

CarMax has consistently made Fortune Magazine's prestigious list of Best Places to Work.

"It's the atmosphere," Sheffield says. "It's our team. Everyone does what they can to help each other out." And now that team is growing. "What we look for is basically, a great attitude, and a willingness to work," he says.

Across the country, CarMax has about 800 jobs up for grabs in sales and services, and it is not the only Fortune-stamped company expanding its workforce.

Publix want to hire over 2600 people in its U.S. locations, and it's looking to staff an entirely new store right here in Charlotte.

FedEx has 1600 open slots across the country, and is hiring in Charlotte.

Marriott has almost 5,000 positions available, and Nordstrom wants to add over 4300 people to its staff nation-wide.

And then there's Mooresville's own mega home-improvement store. Lowes says it wants to hire 45,000 workers this spring, thanks to the rebounding housing market.

For years, that industry has been slowing down the entire economic recovery, but realtor Mark Watson says it is suddenly improving faster than anyone expected.

"We're seeing multiple offers and homes selling much faster now," he says.

In fact, the market is changing so quickly, buyers are starting to run right through the available inventory of homes. "We are starting to run into a bit of a shortage," Watson says.

But that is actually more proof of an improved jobs climate. Watson says he meets people every day moving here to take on new jobs. "I'd say 85 to 90% of my buyers are coming from out of the Charlotte market," he says.

It certainly seems to be part of the cycle of an improving economy.

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