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Will Charlotte Bobcats return to Charlotte Hornets?


Many are hoping for a name change for the Bobcats Basketball team. Scotty Kent and his group have been working hard to get the Bobcats to change its name back to the Hornets.

He says he has talked to Bobcats officials and he says they told him they will send out a survey to season ticket holders and to taxpayers to get  their thoughts about the name change. Sources say the New Orleans Hornets team will drop the Hornets name and will become the Pelicans.

"We just want the name to represent our community," Kent said. "And not a man's ego like Bob Johnson."

Kent says it will take several million dollars to acquire the name Hornets, and he says it's worth it.

We reached out to the Bobcats administrative team about this story. No one returned our call. We also checked with the New Orleans Hornets Basketball team. Officials there would not confirm they are dropping their name. They just said a press conference will take place on Thursday afternoon. 

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