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Below freezing temperatures in Charlotte

Good morning! It's Christine Nelson. I hope you're staying warm on this Wednesday morning! Find out more about the cold snap and other stories making headlines. Turn on WBTV News This Morning now. We're on until 7:00 a.m.

LIVE: Two officer-involved shooting within a day of each other. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee has a live report about the man recovering at Carolinas Medical Center after gunfire was exchanged between him and officers. Ron will also tell us why police were called to the home in the first place.

A 16- and 17-year-old are in custody of police this morning. We're going to show you the chaos police say they caused on Charlotte roads for officers trying to stop them during a chase.

Plus, a recall on a popular pizza that may be in your refrigerator right now! We'll have info on the brand name, best-buy dates and why the food is being recalled in the first place.

Plus, how much is too much homework? WBTV's Astrid Martinez gets answers and tells us the best way to keep your kids learning year-round.

Your first alert weather forecast and traffic updates are every 10 minutes! Let us be the station to get you caught up and out the door on time this morning!

I have to go now.

See you on the air!


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