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CMPD's Freedom Division records largest crime reductions of all divisions


Bragging rights for officers and neighbors in the Freedom Division section of the Charlotte. Police say in 2012 this area had the largest crime reduction among all of the 13 police divisions in the city.

"We have cleaned our neighborhood up a lot in the past years. I'll say that", says Roger Walters of the Westerly Hills Community Watch. " We had a lot of crime at one point."

Walters says "we have more police presence now. A lot of that goes back to the fact we have more policemen now."

Wednesday morning, Police Chief Rodney Monroe will "recognize the officers of the Freedom Division during a flag raising ceremony to commemorate the division's crime reduction in 2012."

WBTV has learned the Freedom Division has reduced residential burglaries 23% last year compared to 2011. A high ranking officer tells WBTV in 2008 there were 800 burglaries in the Freedom Division. At the end of 2012, there were less than 530.

Walters, who coordinates the Community Watch in Westerly Hills with his wife, says neighbors are also a big reason for the crime reduction.

"Neighbors watching out for neighbors. When we see something at meetings, we tell them - call the police. Call 911."

Walters says in addition to watching out for each other, neighbors are also being more proactive by installing steering wheels locks in their cars, and burglar alarms in their homes.

"People feel safer when they get an alarm. I know I do. When I leave, my alarm takes over. Something goes wrong they call me."

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