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Bourbon-infused sorbet to help fight the flu?

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If you're having a rough go of it trying to beat the flu and its nasty symptoms, an ice cream company may have just the ticket. 

Jeni's Ice Cream, out of Columbus, Ohio, is now offering an 'Influenza Sorbet' that is said to help with symptoms such as sore throat, body aches and stuffy nasal passages. 

The sorbet contains Maker's Mark bourbon, cayenne pepper, ginger, honey and fruit juices--all things said to help with flu symptoms. 

"This is our flu-season fix. It's proven to clear nasal passages, ease a sore throat, and soothe the body," the site says. "It's modeled on the home remedy my mother and grandmother made when anyone in the family was under the weather."

But the remedy isn't for the empty-of-pocket.  Each pint will run you around $12.

"Sniffles, aches, and fevers meant one thing: a mug of hot whiskey with honey and lemon juice, then straight to bed."

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