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Is your heating unit ready for a deep freeze? Temps in teens this week


A major cool down is on they way and temps are forecast to dip to the lowest they've been in a couple of years. Is your heating system ready?

If your unit hasn't been serviced regularly, Jon Saxton, a technician with Morris Jenkins Heating and air says it could be at risk.

"It's a big load on the system right now," he said. "They've been just kind of chuggin' along doing their thing and now we're just kind of demanding them to run at a greater pace."

That greater pace could very well leave you in the cold.

"You have a risk of air flow issues, you know motors failing that haven't been tested lately," added Saxton. 

Another option when temps are all over the map? A programmable thermostat.  They are sold any hardware or home improvement store.

Paris Lytle, manager of a local Lowe's Home Improvement store told WBTV they sell a lot of them this time of year.

"You can save money even when you're not programming it, it can actually learn based on patterns in your home," he said.

But even that kind of thermostat won't do much good without heat.

It's why Saxton says regular maintenance will not only keep you warm, but save you hundreds of dollars, too.

"We're talking about you know $20 a month," he said. "Less than a tank of gas a month, you can have your system serviced. Like you said, couple hundred bucks a year. Most average repairs when something fails, $400-800 is an average repair."

Technicians also recommend checking and changing your air filters regularly.

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