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Are Pastors following Dr. King's footsteps?


For some Pastors, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr changed the way Ministry and Clergy handle social justice issues.

King preached, marched and spoke out about any wrongs he saw.

More than 40 years after his death, Pastors say Dr. King's example has not fallen by the wayside.

"I say yes. The Church is active today but in a very different manner than it had been active in the 1960's of necessity because we serve a different generation", says Rev Dr. Peter Wherry of Mayfield Memorial Baptist Church. "

"I think that more individual churches are involved. I don't see it as much of a movement as it was then", says Rev Dr. Dwayne A. Walker of Little Rock A-M-E Zion Church in Charlotte.

Clergy members say issues like homelessness, poverty, the economy,  inequality in school resources, voting, discrimination, the disparity in the number of African Americans in prisons, and immigration still motivate Pastors to get involved.

Dr Walker says "I think it's our moral duty to be at the fore front to look at some of the issues that exist today and speak up and speak out, particularly when people are being wronged".

Pastors say while there are no public marches or protests, individual Churches are taking on different issues.

"I believe there is some cohesion. I do believe we've become polarized to some extent - much like the nation has", says Dr Wherry.

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