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Habitat volunteers work hard for holiday


Habitat for Humanity volunteers wanted to create a day of service on Monday unlike any other they've had here in Charlotte.

By taking on six different projects, they set out to prove that the best way to honor Martin Luther King is by helping others.

In West Charlotte's Wingate community, volunteers hammered away on two houses side by side.

"I know Dr. King is looking down from heaven, and smiling, because this is amazing," said singer Judy Jones, who helped turn the event into a true celebration by bringing in a choir to perform songs from The Evolution of Black Gospel Music.

"It's important to love one another. Our music is all about love," Jones said. "[King] really campaigned for love amongst people no matter what nationality they were."

Volunteers said that is the spirit that brought them together on the holiday.

"They could have had a day to sleep in, they could have had a day of vacation but instead they chose to come out and serve and help other families who are working so hard to own their own homes," said Habitat Charlotte Volunteer Coordinator Stephanie Murphy. "It's a great thing to know they're willing to do that."

"They have servant's hearts," added Director of Marketing and Communications Phil Prince. "That's why they're here.  Dr. Martin Luther King Junior talked about the dream. And for so many people, so many families, their dream is to own a home of their own.  And these guys are helping that dream become a reality for - right here - two more families."

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