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NASCAR Sprint media tour 2013 day 1

The 31st annual NASCAR Sprint Media Tour kicked off Monday morning. The opening conference was discussing a new program for the 75-lap, non-points race that opens the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series on Saturday, February 16.

Sprint and NASCAR have teamed up to increase fan involvement with a text-vote system to decide the options of newly named The Sprint Unlimited at Daytona. Fans have options from how many laps are in each segment to how many cars will be eliminated for the final stretch.

Stewart-Haas Racing started the tour with their usual drivers, Ryan Newman and Tony Stewart, and added newest full-time addition, Danica Patrick.

Patrick said she's been lucky to be able to take her time in her transition to NASCAR. Going on to say the times she pulled "double-duty" driving both Nationwide and Sprint Cup were extremely helpful in her Cup Series development.

Tony Stewart said Patrick's feedback with the car is very effective and the fact that she can feel the car and what works and does not work, shows her comfort and confidence.

A hot topic of conversation was the introduction of the new Generation 6 cars. Patrick said the car has better grip and allows drivers to be aggressive and go hard into turns.

Stewart is happy that NASCAR is going back to an original idea; the car you race on Sunday is the one they sell on Monday. He went on to say there isn't much difference in the new cars they're racing than the ones they'll be selling on the lot; both are rear-wheel drive and V8.

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