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Woman says house fire reminds her that family, not material things, matters most


Fire crews responded to a structure fire in South Tyler Monday afternoon.

Crews were dispatched to the two-alarm fire at 810 David Drive in Tyler.

The woman whose mother and two brothers live in the home said she wants the fire, which destroyed part of the home, to be a wake up call to other families.

The fire started in the kitchen of the home.

One of the woman's brothers was at home, but was able to escape without injury. Unfortunately, the family's Boston terrier, whose name was Baby, was killed in the fire.

The woman said her mother usually would have been home at that time, as well, but was visiting friends instead, which she says is a blessing the family is taking to heart.

"When you look at it and you really stand back and look at it, you realize that life is what matters; materialistic things, houses, cars, those things don't matter any longer," she said.

Officials say the kitchen and garage are badly damaged. The rest of the house has heavy smoke and water damage, but is not a total loss. The fire's cause is still being investigated.

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