JCSU students say they are "unfairly" being kicked off campus

Dozens of JCSU students say they will be unfairly kicked off campus on Saturday for not paying outstanding fines.

Students received a formal letter from JCSU president Dr. Ronald Carter on Thursday, telling them if they had outstanding fines by Saturday at 5 p.m. they would need to leave campus.

Carter says students with outstanding fines from the first semester cannot be registered as JCSU students.

"I've been nervous and I've been praying," said Senior Jasmine McKoy.

McKoy received Carter's letter which says outstanding fines like parking tickets, or library fines must be paid by the deadline.

"They do have a responsibility to meet their obligations," Dr. Carter said.

Carter said students are welcome back to campus as soon as they pay their fines.

"They do have to go home. They can leave their belongings and arrange financing so that they can pay their accounts," Carter said.

Carter says students have been warned several times, and says students have had plenty of opportunities to work out a payment plan. Senior, and Golden Bulls cheerleader Kianna Culver  disputes Carter's claim.

"I have nowhere to go. None of us have anywhere to go," Culver said.

"We cannot afford to have students eating in the cafeteria, free. It does cost to keep the lights on, things of that nature," Carter said.

Jasmine McKoy says she'll settle her bill and soon, but she's unhappy with the way JCSU is handling the situation.

"I live three hours away. Where was I going to go from here being that they just told us this week that we had to be kicked out tomorrow," she said.

Carter says the second semester begins January 24. When students come back, he's giving them another extension until February 6.

If they don't pay by then, they cannot register for second semester classes.

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