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Iconic Charlotte restaurant closes its doors


On the day you hear that a struggling restaurant is going out of business, you don't expect to find the phones there ringing relentlessly, or people lining up for lunch.

Then again, Pewter Rose has been different since the year it opened - 1988.

"It wasn't a chain," says owner Susie Peck. "It was an individual unit that had personality."

Peck was one of the operating partners back then.  Now, she runs it with family.  And in recent years, the sluggish economy has made things tough for them, as it has for many other restaurants.

"It's just been hard to have a stable business," Peck says, "enough of a lunch and dinner crowd every day to maintain where we all need to be pay our bills."

But Pewter Rose's bills are especially big. It is housed in a historic building, and maintenance issues have been piling up. Last weekend a pipe broke, and (Peck tears up as she tries to explain) there just isn't enough cash to fix the damage. 

As beloved as it is,somewhere along the line, Pewter Rose turned into one of those places you start to take for granted.

"I run into people all the time who are like oh, Peter Rose is my favorite restaurant. But I don't think I've been there - we haven't been there since our 20th anniversary and that was seven years ago," Peck says.

Plenty of people showed up Friday, though, when they heard Pewter about the closing.

"It's a sad moment," says Jimmy Bookout. Bookout has been playing music here with bandmate Tom Billotto for twenty years. "How many wonderful, old line, kind of iconic places have we lost in Charlotte. And that's not a Charlotte thing, that happens everywhere. But we all need to take care of those places because one day they're gone and we're all sitting around going what happened?"

Still, Peck wants you to know she's grateful.

"I really appreciate all the support I've had in this city," she says. "I mean, it's been incredible."

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