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Some skeptical about snow forecast for Charlotte


The Charlotte Metro area is under a winter storm watch from Thursday afternoon until late Thursday night. WBTV meteorologists are forecasting a dusting of snow for the Queen City, but say accumulation is unlikely.

With that forecast, the question everyone was buzzing about in the parking lot of this Harris Teeter in Dilworth Wednesday night was 'will we really see some snow?'

"Considering how the weather has been lately anything is bound to happen," said Pamela Johnson of Charlotte.

Sydney Coffin, another Charlotte resident, was excited about the possibility -- for her kids.

"Normally, I'm kinda like 'ugh' but this time it would be kinda nice to get a little snow," she said.

But Ashley Godfrey had seen the forecast but wasn't buying into any hype.

"We're not used to it around here as much so everybody gets excited but I don't think we'll get to bust out the sleds and stuff yet though," she said.

Especially the kind that happens in parking lots like this one whenever there's the possibility of snow.

"Everybody races to the grocery store and buys up all the bread, milk and eggs and everything," said Godfrey.

Charlotte DOT doesn't seem to be anticipating any significant winter weather either.

All was quiet Wednesday afternoon when WBTV stopped by one of its crew offices, trucks sat silent and no one was loading salt into any of them.

According to the city's winter weather plan for 2012, they treat the city's primary roads first.

That's Johnson is glad to hear given what can happen when there is snow.

"I just hope it's not a whole lot because sometimes you know bad weather people don't know how to drive," she pointed out.

But whether it gets to that point or not, Godfrey is still hopeful.

"I would like to see some, it's been awhile and we could use a good snow," she admitted.

WBTV also contacted North Carolina DOT and spokesperson told they don't currently have any plans to treat any of the interstates in Mecklenburg County.

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