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Gun store weeds out questionable permits


In a sluggish economy, these are the best of times for gun stores.

Ringing phones and signing cash registers offer the sounds of sweet music for Larry Hyatt.

However, before any firearm leaves here, there is a safety check.

Not just for the weapon, but one for the gun owner.

Federal and state background checks happen daily with a small share of customers who have been denied.

The gun shop owner says at his place of business, the numbers are in the single digits.

"There's always a few that get's turned down,"Hyatt said." Maybe one percent something like that."

Mike Hatem is the store's gatekeeper, and stays on the phone with state and federal agencies trying to get gun owners approved, but he has seen bumps in the road.

"Domestic violence, and D-U-I's if they're recent," Hatem said.

Those offenses are among the obvious red flags, but Hatem holds on to an memorable moment.

"I had a person one time, Hatem recalls. "The question said, have you ever been arrested ? He said yes.

What for? Hatem asked.

Murder, the applicant replied.

I'm saying, forget it. There's no need in applying for this, Hatem said."

The issue Hyatt worries about is mental health checks, and that's what he calls the elephant in the room.

"That's some confidentiality issues that need to be worked out. I think they can be worked out, and that's the one part of this gun stuff that we're in agreement with," he said.

Based on the presidents plans, workers at Hyatt's are expected to be asking  a whole new series of questions.

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