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Local reaction to the President's gun plan

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Some Charlotteans say they stand by their right to own weapons, however, many say they believe measures are needed to reduce gun violence and mass killings.

Arlene Blocker is a mother. She says "in general there needs to be some type of reform. How tough I don't know but every parent wants to know their child is safe in a learning environment."

Blocker says she couldn't pinpoint one particular issue that would help reduce violence but she adds "everybody wants something to happen. What the right step would be I don't know."

Another man told WBTV he believes "everyone should have a gun."

And 19 year old Jose Bazurto says of the President's proposals "I think it's sort good."

The recent college graduate says " I do think  it's our right to actually have weapons to protect our homes and such in case of something big. But it's being abused way too much and we should be able to control that."

Another woman told WBTV "too many things have been going on. Some thing has to happen with that."

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