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A personal challenge: Spending less on eating out in 2013


You may be spending more than you think when you eat out..

In fact,  the US bureau of Labor Statistics says the average American spends about $2600 a year…  

That's more than $200 a month!   

Would you like that cash back?  

I met with a group of people, right here in Charlotte, who are challenging themselves and everyone else to eat home cooked food for one entire month.

"I decided this year that it was the time to really take the time to figure out how to invest more in myself and my health," said Erica Butler.

After eating out twice day almost every day of her adult life Erica felt she was over-indulging on unhealthy foods and overspending.

"I realized that every single meal when I go out is at least that much $10 or $12," said Erica.

So she decided to challenge herself after reading a friends blog.

"The challenge is for me to eat in every meal this month except for I get one cheat meal," said food blogger Diana Stewart.

"I think its two fold; one it's to save money and two, it's to eat healthier."

Erica said she's enjoyed the challenge because "when you make the food you have control over what's going into it."

And the challenge is less daunting for both by taking few minutes to prepare ahead.

"I did decide to prepare a menu that would get me through at least one week," said Erica.

"I kind of have everything grouped in my pantry," said Diana.

"Having a better idea of what is in here helps me know what I have when I'm trying to prepare a meal."

Erica admits the challenge hasn't been easy.

"I'm not a cook at all so this has all been really brand new to me."

But an added bonus is that her cooking skills are improving. 

On a scale of one to 10?

"We're going to give me a solid six," said Erica.

Now if cooking scares you a little you can always start it in February.

It's a shorter month and you won't have much prepping to do.

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