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Gas prices affect businesses

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Prices at the gas pump have been inching up lately, in fact gas prices right now are about three cents higher than a month ago. And it wasn't that long ago that prices fell to just above three dollars.

So what's happening?

Analysts said the increase was due to problems at some aging refineries that had to cut back on production. But, even if you're paying more now, many experts say there is silver lining to this story.

Gas prices are harder to predict than the weather and have about the same day to day impact on our lives. We pay more at the pump, but everywhere else too.Take a small business like Anne - Roland Furniture in Salisbury. To get one particular chair delivered from Hickory, owner Bill Eagle had to pay $76.25.  And out of that, more than $18 was the fuel charge, and if he delivers it to a customer, there's more money for the gas.

"We don't like that to be that way we'd much rather give it to our customers at a lesser price, but we've got recoup the freight costs out of it," Eagle told WBTV.

And on the road it gets us all...

"I don't understand why they told us what two weeks ago they were going to be down to two dollars and something and everything was alright, now they're going right back up again," one driver told WBTV.

From companies with fleets of trucks to local governments, and your wallet, higher gas prices sting all the way around. Phone apps that track gas stations by price are popular now, but the bottom line is that for most folks, you just have to pay the price.

"If you've got to have gas you've got to have gas," one driver said.

So here's the good news: gas is .38 cheaper per gallon than it was last year this time, and the government says more US oil production will mean that prices for the year will be lower for the first time in four years.

So, if you can wait out this increase, some experts say prices will start to fall.

Prices in eight states are below the $3 mark, and only one, the state of Hawaii, is above $4 a gallon. Gas is cheapest overall across the Midwest and the South.

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