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Stop excessive sweating


Just hearing the words "underarm sweat" makes some people say "eww".

Robin Allen has always suffered from excessive sweating.

It has affected her social life and her confidence.

"I wouldn't really wear sweaters or wear something under the sweaters, silk shirts," said Robin. 

"I wouldn't wear tank tops."

And people like Robin tend to suffer from this in silence.

"I was always self conscious of it," said Robin. 

Dr. Elizabeth Rostan of Charlotte Skin and Laser says, "There are people out there that have so much trouble with sweat that it's disabling for them and can't do anything without changing their shirt."

Dr. Rostan says no one has to be ashamed.

"We started offering the Miradry procedure."

The procedure is new and recently arrived in Charlotte.

It uses microwave energy to target sweat glands in the underarm area.

"It decreases the sweat so much for patients without any surgery and with very little downtime," said Dr. Rostan.

"I wore a cashmere sweater the week I had it done and no problems, no sweating," said Robin. 

"I was almost jumping up and down with joy."

After just one treatment Robin's sweating was dramatically reduced.

"I'm using maybe a quarter of deodorant that I used to wear."

And now she feels like new. 

"I really feel like it has made a big difference for me. In my confidence," said Robin.

Miradry was cleared by the FDa early last year. The youngest patient to have it done was 14 years old.

The area affected is numbed during the procedure. Dr. Rostan says there is some swelling but patients can usually return to their normal activities right away.

Two treatments are recommended, running about $3,000 for both.

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