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Burke break-in suspects wrestle with homeowner

A Burke County homeowner says "I'm not a Vigilante" but when he confronted two men who apparently broke into his home Monday morning he wrestled with one down the hallway.

"I had him and then all I could think about was Libby." 

Libby is Paul Miller's two year old daughter. He and Libby had just returned home from running errands when he ran to unlock the door because it was raining.

"I left her in the car because it was raining and I wanted to get the door open." 

When he opened the door, he heard noises inside and at first thought it was friends who were helping him move but quickly realized they were not.

When he let go of one of the suspects to go and protect his daughter, the two men fled and jumped the back fence on his property.

A neighbor saw the two running and tried to give chase with his car but was unable to catch them. He did, however, get a good look at the two.

A half a mile away a probation officer saw the two running through his yard, he yelled at them to stop and even fired a couple of shots into the ground hoping it would cause the two to stop where they were. It didn't.

A short time later the two split up and one of them, Daryl Ingle, was spotted by an officer who gave chase and captured him.

Ingle would not give a statement, said authorities but was booked on charged of felony breaking and entering and felony larceny.

An hour later, the second suspect, Matthew Nix, was arrested after he exited a wooded area and gave up to police officers.

"I'm sorry for everything that happened," said Nix as he was led to a patrol car outside the Valdese Police Department. 

Nix said he broke into the house for money that he needed "just to live."  When asked why he would do that he answered, "It was stupidity."

Tuesday, both men appeared in court and were granted court-appointed attorneys. Both are scheduled back in court February 5th. They are charged with felony larceny and felony breaking and entering.

Ingle, said authorities, had recently been released from prison and is wanted by authorities in Hickory on several charges including bad checks and financial fraud involving a credit card.

Miller said he doesn't hate the two suspects and hopes they have learned their lesson but still thinks they should go to jail. "They obviously have been misled about life." 

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