The World Famous Chi-Dog!

Presented by the Presidential Culinary Museum

You, too, can make an authentic Chicago Dog!

poppy seed buns
all beef hot dogs 
tomato wedges
pickle or cucumber spears
sport or banana peppers (sweet or hot peppers)
picnic-style yellow mustard
diced onions
celery salt

Poppy seed buns are essential.  Make your own by brushing regular buns with water and rolling buns in poppy seeds.  Hot dogs should be boiled or steamed (or grilled).  Add a tablespoon of each of the following:  yellow mustard, relish, chopped onions, three tomato wedges, one dill pickle or seedless cucumber spear, two peppers and a dash of celery salt.

***  Emerald green relish is sold in pro-loving, Chicago stores.  You can also make your own by adding a tiny bit of green food dye to regular relish.

Presidential facts involving hot dogs: 
President Franklin Roosevelt served hot dogs to the King of England. 
After losing a bet, President Barack Obama had to ship all the ingredients to make Chi-Dogs.