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Pat McCrory inaugurated as 74th Governor of North Carolina

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Raleigh, NC -

The public changing of the guard comes every four years in Raleigh, and McCrory along with nine other officials

were sworn in during the ceremony at Capitol Square


The new Governor said, "It's time for us to make sure that North Carolina fulfills and exceeds its potential once more and it starts today."


McCrory spoke about North Carolina fulfilling its obligation to its citizens and providing customer service to the people of North Carolina.


"North Carolina's greatest strength and asset is its people," said McCrory.



He continued to say it is an important part of the state's growth to support state manufacturing, and support that effort with transportation development. 


The Governor said these goals can be achieved by implementing his 25 year Infrastructure and Transportation Plan. 


McCrory said that Government needs to pay its bills and move away from what he called borrowed time and money.


In his speech he spoke about how technology can further the education of all regardless of economic or social background.


Those who knew McCrory when was mayor expect him to be a bridge builder.


Eric Locher made the trip from Charlotte, saying "I think you'll see Pat do what Pat does best and that's bring people together. While he had his own stances, he tries to find the best for the widest group he can."


AME Zion Bishop George Battle said McCory understands a wide range of backgrounds.

Battle said, "I think he brings an understanding of the two worlds that we live in North Carolina. The rural world and the urban world."


The speech lasted about 25 minutes and ended with the Governor encouraging everyone to leave with a spirit of unity and understanding.  

"Let's leave here together as a team and make North Carolina a better place to live, work and raise a family," McCrory said.

The event was held on the south lawn of the capitol facing downtown Raleigh.

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