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Bobcat kitten adventures caught on tape


Some homeowners in Cave Creek were treated to amazing views of a bobcat family that took up residence on their roof.

The bobcats' favorite resting place? The skylight!

Photographer Lucas McQuiston was able to take some amazing pictures and video of the bobcats and their adventures.

McQuiston said the mother bobcat found a secluded area on the home's roof in the summer of 2011 and gave birth to two kittens.

"Luckily for these bobcats, the owners enjoyed their antics - wrestling matches on the roof, nursing on their skylight and their first meal," McQuiston said.

"They allowed the bobcats to live on their property and observed them from a distance until one day, one of the kittens disappeared," he said. "They feared a hawk had grabbed the kitten off the roof, but discovered that the kitten had fallen into a support pillar! So they cut a hole, and out came the kitten. After an unexpected dip in their pool, the mother bobcat rescued the kitten."

The bobcat family lived there for three months before moving on, McQuiston said.

The homeowners said this particular bobcat also raised two kittens in 2009 at the same location before reappearing in 2011.

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