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Fire Marshal: Rowan County barn fire was arson

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The Rowan County Fire Marshal says that a fire at a barn used by the state of North Carolina was an arson.
Firefighters fought flames for at least six hours Friday morning after the fire, which was fueled by compacted hay, officials said.

Authorities say the fire started around 11:30 Thursday night on the 8,300 block of Sherrill's Ford Road, just outside of Salisbury.
Only WBTV was there as firefighters did what they could to keep the flames under control. 

Friday afternoon, the Fire Marshal told WBTV that several buildings at the site were broken into. Whether the fire was an accident or intentional, officials say it was set by an intruder.
The barn was on the site of the State Agricultural Research Institute. Firefighters say the agency uses the barn to store hay and equipment.
Officials said the barn was destroyed, along with thousands of dollars worth of hay, a tractor and a truck.
No animals were inside the barn at the time the fire started.

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