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Teen school shooting suspect says he was bullied

It's Friday, January 11. Good morning! This is Christine Nelson sending this quick email from my desk in the newsroom. I wanted to let you know the news that happened while you were sleeping. Watch for more details when you turn on WBTV News This Morning from 4:30-7:00 a.m.

The plot gets thicker as police continue to investigate the latest school shooting that happened in California. The 16-year-old suspect is telling police bullying drove him to attack. We also have more on where the teen says he got the shotgun used in the shooting...he didn't have to look far.

We also have more on the scare at a Charlotte-Mecklenburg school after it had to be put on lockdown. We'll tell you whether the rumor of a weapon on campus was really true.

RIGHT NOW: Firefighters in Rowan County have a task on their hands right now. A large barn fire erupted overnight and they're still putting it out at this hour. We have video from the scene.

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I have to go now. See you on the air!


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