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Crimestoppers: Increased reward posted in robbery spree


An increased reward posted for the arrest of Charlotte's one-man crime spree.

CMPD now offers $5,000 to stop a man who they believe has robbed at least five establishments in the area since November.

We featured this man when he attempted to rob the McDonald's on Wendover. The restaurant owner says he approached one of his cashiers, demanding money. She thought he was joking and told him to get out. He left empty-handed.

But police believe he walked across the parking lot to a Food Lion where he used a ladder to get on the roof and break-in through a vent.

There he helped himself to cigarettes and DVD's.

But police say from the point on, he graduated to much more aggressive crimes by using a gun.

He's spotted in several surveillance videos at convenience stores, at a motel in Matthews and the most recent, a robbery at an ATM near University.

During his stick-up, he's wearing a gray hoodie and has something that resembles clear tape on his chin and nose.

"He did have some kind of tape, or, have some kind of like, handi-wrap on his face," said Detective Marty Cuthbertson. "It's a first. And, maybe he didn't have a mask so he made his own."

Here is his description-- a white male, 5'-10" tall with medium build, and he has a mole on his face. He was also seen in a black, four-door Lincoln Town car.

If you think you know anything that can help, call Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600. Or, download the new Crime Stoppers app for your smart phone. You can get it free on our website,

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