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Owner: Missing dog was picked up by tornado


It's a story that's seems almost unbelievable, even to the woman telling it. "I can't prove it and it sounds unreal," said Janet Barr of Eastern Burke County.

Her home was one of dozens that was damaged when a powerful EF-2 tornado tore through on January 11, 2012. She lost a truck, dozens of trees, and she and her husband are still paying for the 35 thousand dollars of damage it did to their home.

Her husband was home, she wasn't. After she made her way down her wrecked street, and after hearing her husband was ok, she saw the worst. The gated kennel that housed her dog Blondie was a mangled mess and the dog was gone.

"We walked all through the woods, through the pastures looking all around," said Janet about their frantic search.

24 hours later, the phone rang and Janet says her cousin asked if they'd found their missing dog. Here's where the amazing part comes in.

"My cousin said that he started to open the storm door, and he heard something crying. And he turned around and she was flying in to the carport like that," Janet said with outstretched arms. The story is that the dog was picked up by the tornado's arms and dropped a quarter of a mile away. Her fall, broken by her cousin's body.

Even she knows it sounds crazy. But science and storms have made crazier things happen. Blondie came back home without a scratch on her body. It's been almost a year now, and any trauma she may have experienced from the flight, is gone. She's safe now, back home in her mother's arms.

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