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5 teenage students injured in 3-car crash on Woodlawn Road

Courtesy: WBTV photographer Corey Schmidt Courtesy: WBTV photographer Corey Schmidt

Woodlawn Road was shut down in both directions as firefighters and police worked to clear the scene of a serious three-car crash that left seven people hurt, including five students from Myers Park High School.

Firefighters say the vehicles collided around 7 a.m. at Woodlawn Road and Halstead Drive, near Park Road. They say at least one person was trapped inside one of the vehicles.

It took more than a dozen firefighters 15 minutes to get the person out.

It happened near Joyce Froelich's yard, she was walking her daughter to the bus stop, which was the point of impact.

She said, "The Black S-U-V still was rolling over and then there was people still laying on the ground."

The noise was so loud it woke up her boyfriend Michael Munroe.

 "At that time it was bus stop time. So I came out. I made it down the side walk and I see our daughter come down the sidewalk towards me crying," Munroe said.

By mid-morning CMS confirmed that several victims were students, and at Myers Park High parents and students admitted that teens and driving are often a dicey combination.

Rekha Murali is a parent waiting to pick up her son.

"My son is getting to the age, where he's gonna be driving soon," she said." Yeah it worries me."

Mason Watkins attends the school who is a driver. He says the wreck will make him pay attention to the rules of the road.

"I feel like I have to be safe, and respect others around me. Because if I don't something bad is gonna happen," he said.

One vehicle was over turned, another landed in a front yard, and Monroe said his daughter will no longer be using the bus stop.

"We will drive her to school unless we can arrange for the bus to pick her up in front of the house."

CMS has not released the names of the students, and a CMPD is continuing it's investigation.

It believed that one of the vehicles may have crossed the center line of Woodlawn Road.

No word at this point who could be charged in the crash.

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