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Disturbing Twitter trend protests Justin Bieber's alleged pot use

A disturbing hashtag is trending on Twitter, #cutforbieber, and thousands of teens are posting disturbing images of themselves.

The hashtag was allegedly started by someone on the infamous 4Chan message board. Justin Bieber's fans quickly picked up on the hashtag. Many are using it as a way to protest a recent picture of Bieber which appears to show him smoking marijuana.

Some teenagers have posted pictures of what seems to show self-mutilation. One teenager shows a bloody arm. Another teen holds a knife to his neck.

Phoenix psychiatrist Michael Yasinski said the posts can be very harmful to teenagers who may actually be suffering from depression.

"I think the fear in this is that people that are cutting often have a low self esteem to begin with, or are seeking help or crying out for help to some degree. And if we trivialize cutting as something that is used on this type of forum, my fear is that they'll go to more extreme measures," Yasinski said.

Yasinski said he hopes the short attention span of social media users makes this #cutforbieber hashtag end quickly.

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