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Man found with illegal weapons and ammo arrested on CPCC campus


Investigators say Perrin acted suspicious from the moment he was spotted by a CPCC campus security officer in a school parking lot.

When the officer approached him, Perrin allegedly asked where the admissions office was and began talking about school shootings.

"The official asked if he could see inside the young man's car which is parked here in the campus parking lot, upon that search found weapons in his vehicle," said Jeff Lowrance, a spokesperson with CPCC.

Perrin was arrested on campus. It's illegal to have a gun on school property. Campus officials immediately sent out an email blast alerting students.

"We want our folks to continue to be vigilant as they look and make sure that they're aware if they see anything unusual," said Lowrance.

Students don't return from break until Thursday, so many students WBTV talked to hadn't heard about the incident.

"You never know what could happen, but I'm glad they got him because it shows that people are actually doing their job and actually care about the safety of the students," said Joshua Leavy, a student.

"I'll be looking at people a little more carefully now and it makes me really alert of my surroundings and everything," said Kevin Nguyen, a student.

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