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Community comes together to help firefighter


The first Wednesday of the new year turned out to be a disaster for Mark Culbertson and his family. The 25 year veteran firefighter pulled up in the driveway of his Cleveland County home and saw smoke pouring out of the house.

"I knew I was losing my belongings, I knew I was losing my pet. It was hard," said Mark who is a Captain with Boiling Springs Fire and Rescue.

Mark used his two-way radio to contact dispatchers and tell them his own house was on fire. The inside of the home is almost a total loss.

But even before the flames were put out, offers of help started flowing in from his fellow firefighters. Then the community started pouring in donations of their own. Money, clothes and furniture have come in from mostly perfect strangers to Mark and his two sons and wife.

A man showed up at his son's middle school and just handed over an envelope with $1,500 inside. A local company donated 4 brand-new winter jackets to the family. Another company took all the clothes that were salvageable from the fire and cleaned them of their smoke smell.

The generosity offered since the disaster, has overwhelmed Mark and his family.

"Just how do you say thank you. It just doesn't seem like it's enough."

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