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Gov.McCrory encouraged to strike a balance

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The new North Carolina Governor's first press conference came less than 48 hours after taking office, and for Pat McCrory the first week on the job will be a whirlwind experience.

From taking the oath of office on Saturday to being on hand for the swearing in of his cabinet, Governor McCrory has been a man on the move.

Like any political new marriage, there will be a honey moon period, and eyes will be on the transition of how he goes from a city leader to a statewide office holder.

Michael Smith is the president and CEO of Center City Partners.

He said, "We had a pretty incredible four years from the job creation stand point and the amount of incentive money that came to Mecklenburg County."

Smith is referring to is what happened in Charlotte under the watch of Governor Beverly Perdue.

She often came to Charlotte for a number of new job announcements, and opened a full time office in Center City.

 Smith feels one of McCrory's challenges will be striking a balance.

"Hopefully, this goes a long way in better integrating the urban issues and the issues of Mecklenburg County and the interest of the whole state."

While Parks Helms is best known for Chairing the Mecklenburg County Commission, he also spent five terms as a house member in the state legislature.

"One of the things that Pat will have to do is develop some close personal relationships from eastern North Carolina and indeed western North Carolina, Helms said.

He is also concerned that McCrory will have the tag on his back as being from the great state of Mecklenburg, but the new governor can't play any favorites as it relates to what part of North Carolina gets any pet projects.

"There's gonna be very little bacon to spread around to anywhere, Helms said. "And Pat will have to be very careful how he decides how to allocate whatever green stamps he may have for Mecklenburg County and Charlotte.

Early on, Governor McCrory is dealing with the state's economy, and one of his first challenges is fixing the state's flawed IT system.

"We're gonna have some major issues in July regarding our citizens getting the needed services from state government," the governor said."  This is our number one operational state issue."

Governor McCrory will be holding an open house at  Charlotte's government center on Wednesday.

Friday begins a weekend of inaugural festivities.  

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