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Concord soldier welcomes home his own heroes


It's been two weeks since the Concord community came together to welcome home 23-year-old Tyler Jeffries.

The celebration was complete with an escort from the Patriot Guard and an official "Tyler Jeffries Day" proclamation by the mayor.

Jeffries has since settled in for a short stay at home. He enjoyed a nice holiday with his 2-year-old little girl Ella and other family. Jeffries says it's been nice to be back home in his own bed, catching up on the sleep he missed during his 6 months overseas. But the comforts of home will soon be replaced with rigorous days of rehab.

Before he goes Jeffries and his mom will fly to Ft. Lewis to greet the guys that helped save Jeffries life back in October.

It was October 6 when Tyler walked onto a command wire IED which was detonated by an Afghan militant. He lost both of his legs.

"For whatever reason, I can't explain it but I've been moving so fast healing process I was up and walking up in a month," Jeffries said at his homecoming.

Jeffries says he plans to stand up, walk and greet his platoon.

"I just wish I was the one coming off the plane instead of waiting there for them to get off," Jeffries said. "It's going to be different this time just because of how I am's going to be emotional I think. Not just for me but for everybody."

"The bond they form is something the rest of us will never understand," Jeffries mom Pam Britt said.

Britt says it can be hard to watch her son work so hard in rehab, learning to deal with a new way of life, but she's been by his side all the way. This can be hard for any mom to watch - the struggle of a son to start a new life.

"He is so strong and so determined...he has done way better than I could've ever done in that situation. He is such an inspiration to me and everybody else..I wish I had the determination and courage he does," Britt said.

A local church built a ramp at Jeffries' home. While away at Walter Reed for a second time, volunteers with the Wounded Warriors Project plan to build a new bathroom and bigger bedroom for Jeffries.

Jeffries is expected to be in rehab for 8 to 10 more months.

You can follow his progress on a Facebook page supporting Tyler Jeffries. Click here.

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