If you resolve to get organized in the new year...

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A popular New Year's resolution is to get organized but for some people that is easier said than done.

Anne Steppe of Simplicity Certified Professional Organizers visited WBTV News Sunday Morning to share five easy steps to success:

1.  Create a plan.  Organizing is an ongoing process/journey.  Make a list of all the areas you want to organize, then prioritize them.

2.  Set weekly/monthly goals & appointments for the new year.   THIS IS KEY!  This will help hold you accountable.  We book other "important" appointments, book this like you would any other significant appointment you have.

3.  Be realistic.  Stacks and piles didn't appear overnight.  They took time to accumulate and it will take time to work yourself out from under your clutter. It is a lifestyle change!  Estimate how long you think an area will take and then time yourself.  This will help you gauge future projects so you know how much time to schedule for yourself to start and finish an area of your home.   Know going in, MOST projects are going to take much longer than you think!

4.  Hold off on supplies.  Discovering what organizational supplies you will need is one of the last steps in the process.  Save money and time by waiting until you are certain of what you need.   You can buy all the supplies you want, but if you don't sort and purge first, those supplies simply add to the problem.  However, when you are ready to purchase supplies, use what you have around your house first, be creative.

5.  Know when to ask for help.  When you are overwhelmed or do not seem to be making much progress, call in a family member, friend or a professional for help.

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