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Friends, former colleagues discuss McCrory inauguration


Two Charlotte City Council members say they are eager for former Mayor Pat McCrory to take the oath of office in Raleigh on Saturday.

McCrory will become North Carolina's 7474th governor during a small, private ceremony with family and close friends late Saturday morning.

"Pat and I have been friends for 25 years," said Republican Councilman Andy Dulin.

Dulin, a former McCrory colleague says the Governor-Elect in Raleigh can only be good news for Charlotte.

"He's going to always keep us there front and center. He has a home here," Dulin said.

Dulin says on the weekend, McCrory will give up the streets of Raleigh for the tranquility of his quiet Charlotte neighborhood.

"There were things we disagreed on, but he kept his cool," said Democratic City Councilwoman Claire Fallon.

Fallon applauds McCrory for not making things personal, and working across the aisle. She and Dulin agree that one of McCrory's top priorities for Charlotte will be transportation.

"He was passionate about transportation. He went and got the money through a half cent sales tax increase to work on the transit line in Charlotte," Dulin  said.

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