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Shelters seeing an influx of holiday pet "returns"


It has been a little more than a week since Christmas and local animal shelters are seeing an influx of returned pets.

Even though more than 80 pets were adopted during the holidays, the Humane Society of Charlotte is back to capacity.

Shelter VP of Development / Community Relations Donna Canzano says many dogs and cats that were bought as Christmas gifts, were returned.

"You really have to know that your loved one is ready for a pet. There's a lot of responsibility that comes with these little guys," said Canzano.

Donna Canzano says pet returns happen every year during the holidays.

Gift givers have good intentions but pets aren't a one size fits all.

Canzano recommends buying gift cards from the shelter and letting your loved one pick out their own pet.

"Around Easter time as well,  people will go out and buy bunnies and chickens and things like that and we really advocate against that, if you want to give a pet as a gift, the best thing to do is give a gift certificate, and let the whole family come and pick it out together, " said Canzano.

The shelter is offering free adult cats. If you're interested in adopting a pet, you can contact the shelter at 704-377-0534 or visit their website at

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