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Help for those struggling with morning sickness

Since the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and now more recently Kim Kardashian started suffering from extreme morning sickness, more attention has been placed on the health complication.

Dr. Mark Bland at Midtown Medical Plaza says around three-quarters of pregnant women have to deal with morning sickness. One of those women is Bailey Rourk.

Rourk says the news of her being pregnant for the second time is the best thing in her life, but her pregnancy is not so pleasant. Rourk started to get really bad around seven weeks. She started vomiting and feeling nauseous a lot of the time, which are the more common symptoms. Some women suffer more serious symptoms during pregnancy, better known as extreme morning sickness.

"I feel really nauseous in the morning kind of weak, loss of appetite. I just don't feel great," Rourk said.

"There are these severe levels that affect 1 or 2 women in pregnancies where women will have symptoms of dehydration, you can't keep any fluids down, even electrolyte imbalances. On the more common things which is simply a person who is just queasy," Dr. Bland said.

Dr. Bland says those suffering from morning sickness should see a doctor if you aren't able to eat or drink anything for six to eight hours.

Bailey is thankful she is starting to feel better and is looking forward to holding a healthy and happy baby. There are also some foods you can try at home to help you feel less nauseous. 

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