Beefing up patrols at a strip mall

Crimestoppers: Thieves target North Charlotte strip mall

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - CMPD is beefing up patrols at a strip mall in North Charlotte after gunmen held up the same business twice in the past three weeks.

It's a crime that has detectives wondering, why rob a sandwich shop?

The Subway Sandwich shop on Smith Corners Boulevard, not far from Northlake Mall, was hit in early December by two men dressed in hoods and ski masks.

"They came down the side of the store, and they just slipped in," said Robert Everhart, a manager at the store.

Surveillance video shows a the men coming through the front door near closing time with guns drawn. The only worker in the restaurant saw them coming and made a bee line out.

"And he just ran, didn't hesitate, he heard the door, and he just seen around ski masks and guns, ran out the back."

Three weeks later, police believe the same two armed bandits hit the store again. But this time, the cashier didn't have time to run.

"One guy locked the door, the second guy jumped the counter, put a gun to him, told him to open the safe. They were described the same way, same height, same build, same ski masks."

Perhaps the odd thing about this crime-- there are lots of places in the strip mall they could have robbed-- which begs the question, why are they picking on a sandwich shop?

"My question was, did you fire someone recently?" said CMPD Detective Marty Cuthbertson. "They said, no. But it's strange they would be targeted when there are other businesses around."

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