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NC Attorney General investigating Zahra Baker Foundation


The North Carolina Department of Justice is investigating a local charity, that uses the name of the late Zahra Baker.

Attorney General Roy Cooper's office wants to hear from you, if you have donated, or been asked to give money to the Zahra Clare Baker Memorial Foundation.

Jim Julian began the charity in February 2011, just a few months after Baker was found dead near her home.  Julian said he collected money to give to children with disadvantages. He also sold Zahra Baker T-shirts and bracelets.

WBTV investigated the charity, after several donors say they believe they were scammed, and they money did not go where advertised. Other donors say they were pressured to give money.

"I never pressured anyone for money. In fact the people that give me donations, most of them I know, they are friends of mine," Julian said in October 2012.

Since WBTV's October investigation, North Carolina Secretary of State (SOS) officials sent Julian several notices for  not filing the correct paperwork. SOS officials sent the investigation to the state DOJ Consumer Protection Division.

"We've done a lot of good things. We've helped a lot of people and we still want to help people," Julian said after news of the DOJ investigation broke.

 Julian admits he's made mistakes, and tells us he apologizes for what he calls "minor mishaps." 

"I've only had the best intentions," he said.

Julian tells WBTV he will push forward with the charity, as long as the state lets him.

"We're going to keep it open. We're not discouraged by a couple people that try to stop us from doing good things. We're not doing that," he said.

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