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How to change careers in 2013


New Year's resolutions can mean weight loss, money savings, or maybe even a new job.

For some, that could mean a whole new career path.

Demetra Moore knows the struggle of switching careers.

She went to college to study information technology.

"I graduated after 9/11 so I couldn't find a job, I ended up in the financial industry, " said Moore.

It wasn't her cup of tea.

"I sat down for about a month or two, I read some self help books, I figured out what I was passionate about and I went for it," said Moore.

Her passion became her career.

Today, she works as a certified career coach and runs her own business, Moore out of Life.

Lately, the anticipation of 2013 has brought in a steady stream of emails from clients who are excited about starting the new year with a clean slate.

"They feel like they've made mistakes the prior year, they couldn't really come back from them, but in the new year, there's a clean slate, you can start over and be thinking about what it is you want to do before making a hasty decision," said Moore.

Moore suggests doing three things to start making the career switch.

First, get the support of a career coach or mentor.

Second, network with people who are already in the field you want to switch to.

And finally, get trained for the job you're seeking.

"I think change is so hard for people because people get caught up in their day to day routines," said Moore. "You can't predict the day to day but what  you can predict is how you respond to it."

Moore says some of the top careers for 2013 include information-technology jobs, healthcare jobs and energy jobs.  She encourages clients to think outside of the box and take action. She suggests finding your passion and taking baby steps.

"Will Smith was saying that his grandfather was saying that they had to build a wall, and they went outside and they were like, how am I going to build a wall and he said he thought about it -- brick by brick," said Moore.

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