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$100,000 Reward offered in 2009 Granite Falls murder


It's been just over three years since Tony Myers was robbed and gunned down at the pawn shop he co-owned in Granite Falls.

Police have worked hundreds of leads and have enlisted the help of the SBI, the FBI and others but so far they have no suspects in the case. A woman thought she saw the killer walking down her road just minutes after the shooting and a sketch was made but no one has come forward to say who he might be.

That's why Thursday morning, the sons of Myers and and a private investigator they have hired opened a briefcase full of cash and announced it would be given to anyone who could provide the information to put the killer behind bars.

"We think this might be the incentive for someone who knows the killer to provide us with the information," said Steve Ehlers, the investigator working with the family.  He and the family hopes the $100,000 in the briefcase and $11,000 more offered by other agencies will be enough to convince someone to come forward so the killer will be caught.

"I feel confident he has told someone what he did to my dad," said Jody Myers. Ehlers thinks whoever does know something might be afraid of the killer or may have a strong bond with the person.  The family hopes the money will break that fear or that bond and lead to enough information so the killer can be arrested and convicted. Ehlers said he is convinced the case will be solved with or without the help of an informant. "So now is the time to get the money if you know something," he said.

Granite Falls Police Chief Ritch Bolick said he is on board with the family's effort to bump up the reward. "Obviously, anything that will help is appreciated," he said. Bolick said FBI Profilers have given them some information as to what they should look for when it comes to a suspect but so far there are not many leads as to who it might be. "That's a lot of money," he said while talking about the $100,000. "Maybe it will be enough."

Police think it is likely the suspect is from around the area. A year after the murder weapons that were stolen from the murder scene were found along Highway 321 just a mile or two from where the murder took place. The weapons had been altered and had not been in the woods for long, leading authorities to beklieve they were dumped there long after the murder.

Investigators say they will follow every lead they get and will not stop until the case is solved.

Jody Myers said the family will not give up either. "No, never."

Anyone with information is urged to call the Granite Falls Police Department at (828) 396-3358 or Crimestoppers at (828) 758-8300.  Ehlers said if someone with information would rather not speak directly with police they could call him at (828) 381-5757.

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