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Sticking to financial resolutions


Finance is the lifeblood of the household.

And as we start a new year, now is the time to set financial goals and plans for 2013.

But setting goals for the whole year might seem like a tall order.

Financial expert Judson Gee with JHG says that when being fiscally responsible; we can make New Year's resolutions that actually stick.

The key is to make them as clear and defined as possible.

To improve your bottom line in 2013, become a smart shopper.

"You might look for coupons, different ways to save at the grocery store," said Gee. 

"Gas and food are the majority of what we spend money on so look for ways to cut corners."

Another strategy is to start a rainy day fund.

"Becoming a better financial investor," said Gee. 

"Thinking about how to make your money work harder for you."

If you're not already enrolled in some type of retirement plan, 2013 is the year to do so.

"The contribution limits have gone up so we can start putting away more money into our IRA's into our 401k," said Gee.

And take a few minutes each day to read the financial section of the newspaper or Internet.

A little exposure to the financial world can yield big dividends.

Gee recommends to sit down at least twice a year to review your goals and measure how far you have come.


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