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Man robs CVS, then wrecks his car on wet streets trying to get away


A man tying to get away after robbing a local CVS pharmacy skids out on the wet pavement and crashes into a road sign.

It certainly seemed like a case of Mother Nature working against one man who was trying to make his getaway after robbing a retail store early Thursday morning.

Matthews police got a call from the CVS located on Matthews Township Parkway around 1:30.

The store had just been robbed.

Investigators said an unknown man went up to the clerk overnight, pretended to make a purchase, and then suddenly made a grab for the money in the register.

Officers said there was a struggle for the money.  The robber took only a few dollars with him as he made his way out the door, and into his car, a light-colored Toyota.

The man tried to get out of the area at a high rate of speed, but police theorize he lost control on the road-soaked street, and crashed his car off the roadway.

The left-rear wheel was blown off the car, rendering it not drivable.

The driver then jumped out, and took his escape on foot.  He hasn't been seen since.

But tracking him down may not be hard to do.

Matthews police said the car he was driving was a rental.  All they have to do is figure out who rented the vehicle, and backtrack him from there.

On Wednesday morning, police say a Walgreens pharmacy less than five miles from the CVS was robbed. They say a man grabbed cash from the register on Potter Road in Stallings and ran off. Authorities have not said if the two incidents are connected.

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