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Statuette mysteriously appears on church doorstep


A Charlotte church is looking for answers after a religious statue appeared on its doorstep without any information.

The small statuette of the Virgin Mary appeared at Sardis Presbyterian Church on Wednesday morning, Director of Administration Jessica Otto told WBTV.

Otto says the statuette, which was found on the doorstep of the Sanctuary, stands about two feet tall. 

"I could see the silhouette of the statue through the stained glass window, next to the big wooden church doors," Otto told WBTV. "So I went out to investigate."

She says it looks a little weathered, so it has probably been outside.

"There's some dirt on the base of the statue, so I am guessing she was outside, maybe in someone's yard," she said.

Without knowing where it came from, Otto is worried that it might have been stolen and would love to be able to find the owners.

"I'm sure she is missed - we hope the owner might see the photo and call us so they can be reunited!"

Otto says that you occasionally see a news story about "a member of the holy family being stolen from a church nativity scene, but this is the first time I've heard of one mysteriously appearing at a church."

No word if a police report has been filed for a missing statuette.

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