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Recycling all those leftover batteries from the holidays


Once all the holiday food has been devoured, the presents unwrapped and the tree taken down, there are always a lot unwanted old items lying around the house.

Batteries are one of those known culprits.

"Over time they corrode and it's bad for the environment," said Best Buy Sales Associate Anthony Brinkley.

Many batteries contain toxic materials that can easily damage our environment.

So don't just chuck them into the trash can.

"Any of the batteries can be recycled," said Brinkley.

"We've got recycling centers in front of all of our stores pretty much across the country."

Household batteries can be recycled through battery retailers like Batteries Plus.

Best Buy takes batteries too, also old cell phones, computer towers and printers.

Another option is using rechargeable batteries.

They reduce waste and money.

"You can use them over and over again so it's much cheaper than having to buy batteries," added Brinkley.

You can use rechargeable batteries in almost anything.

"Even the lithium batteries that come with cameras and most toys that are rechargeable," said Brinkley.

"Those batteries will last you a while versus lasting for five or six days and mom and dad have to buy a new set."

While you save up enough old batteries to make it worth a disposal trip keep your dead batteries in a dry place that's out of reach of kids.

Put tape over the battery ends to be safe and help prevent battery acid from leaking.

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