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NEW: Fiscal cliff bill awaits POTUS signature

Good morning! It's Christine Nelson, writing to you on this Wednesday, January 2. Here is a look at the stories we're reporting on this morning. Tune in to the WBTV News This Morning from 4:30-7:00 a.m.

NEW: Only one more signature from President Barack Obama is needed to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff." While you were sleeping last night the House approved the version of the bill that passed the Senate on Tuesday. But, we found out most people will still end up paying more in taxes this year! How so? We'll break down the numbers so you can see for yourself.

Charlotte's first homicide of the year is being investigated. Two people were shot in the Hickory Grove area last night and the suspects are still on the run. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee is on the scene. He found out what led to the violence and how you can help police find the gunmen in a live report.

Now that the holidays are over got a lot of extra batteries laying around? If your instinct is to throw old ones in the garbage, that's a big NO-NO! WBTV's Astrid Martinez has a report on the best way to get rid of those batteries...that's better for the environment!

Stepping outside soon? It's cold and rainy. You'll want to see the first alert weather forecasts so you're prepared for the morning. Meteorologist Al Conklin has the forecast every 10 minutes. Tonya Rivens has your traffic updates to let you know if the commute is getting messy too.

See you on the air, gotta go!


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