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Charlotte Church celebrates "Party With a Purpose"


On December 31, St. Paul Baptist Church in Charlotte will host a food packing event to feed families locally and worldwide as part of this year's 150 year anniversary of Watch Night.

"The Watch Night celebration in the African-American church is a commemorative celebration born out of the Emancipation Proclamation's liberation for slaves. Our fore parents held vigil through the night of December 31, 1862, until the clock struck 12 midnight ushering in the new year and a new found freedom," said Pastor Gregory Moss of St. Paul Baptist Church in Charlotte.

"At St. Paul we observe Watch Night and have chosen to theme our celebration with a missional purpose. This year we are thrilled to partner with the Kids Against Hunger initiative. We will hold a 'Party With A Purpose,' packing 100,000 meals that will feed 300 children for a whole year. Our worship will follow as we emphasize world-wide hunger-physical and spiritual. Because of the combined efforts of many, children and families in Haiti, Nicaragua and Charlotte will be blessed".

St. Paul Baptist Church (1401 Allen Street, Charlotte, NC 28205) will host the Kids Against Hunger Charlotte for a packing event from 3:00pm - 9:30pm, with the Watch Night service beginning at 10:00pm.

Kids Against Hunger Charlotte is a local nonprofit that provides highly nutritious dehydrated meals to starving and malnourished children.

Made from four readily available dry ingredients of white long-grain rice, crushed soy, a dehydrated blend of six vegetables, and chicken-flavored vegetarian vitamin & mineral powder, the meals are easy to package, keep for long periods, and require only boiling with water to prepare.

The meals offer all nine of the essential amino acids required for complete nutrition.

"We are thrilled to join the members of St. Paul Baptist Church to ring in the New Year with the joy of knowing we will be feeding starving families here at home and across the world in 2013," said co-founder Jeff Yoh.

"We have had an amazing year, with Kids Against Hunger Charlotte helping Charlotte's local organizations pack over a million meals, but when you think about the scope of that service, with every 100,000 meals feeding 300 children for a year, the need is still great. We look forward to continuing that service into the new year."

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