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Future of Rivera with Panthers remains in limbo


A great finish to the season had many Panthers players happily cleaning out their lockers Monday morning.

The big concern on everybody's mind is the future of head coach Ron Rivera.

Earlier in the season Carolina Panthers' owner Jerry Richardson told Rivera he would have to see some major improvements and a strong finish to the season in order to keep his job.

The first question at Rivera's weekly press conference, "Have you met with Mister Richardson?"

His response was to the point, "No, we plan to set that up a little later. Right now I'm dealing with end of the season team exit stuff."

So there you go; Coach Ron Rivera's future is still unknown. He went on to comment on his time with the Panthers saying he's a lot better than when he started 2 years ago.

"One of the things I had been concerned about was that when we needed to make plays, we hadn't. But recently, when we needed to make plays, we did," Rivera said.

"Charles Godfrey's interception was about as big as it gets. DeAngelo's big runs. Armanti's big punt return. You look back the last few weeks and you see those things – plays made at the right time.

"Hopefully that's indicative of where we're headed."

And while growth and success among the team are obvious, the question remains: is it enough to save Coach's job?

Six NFL coaches were fired by lunchtime Monday in what's become known as the annual Black Friday of the NFL regular season.

Andy Reid in Philadelphia, Lovie Smith in Chicago, Norv Turner in San Diego, Pat Shurmur in Cleveland, Romeo Crennel in Kansas City and Chan Gailey in Buffalo are lost their jobs in about two hours Monday morning.

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