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New Year's baby names


Here we are on New Year's Eve and we will have a lot of new babies waiting for a name.

"Sarah, Grace, Olivia, Ryan, Jacob and Joseph," said Lugenia Grider the Women's Health Educator at Presbyterian Hospital.

What do these names have in common?

They are all names parents have picked for their babies born on New Year's Day at Presbyterian Hospital.

"It becomes really fun to hear the creative ways people spell things or the way they pronounce it so it's pretty awesome," said Grider.

Each year while revelers ring in the New Year, in hospitals and birthing centers there is a race to give birth close to the stroke of midnight and be named the state's New Year's Baby.

"It's a big competition here in town seeing who has the first New Year baby," said Donna Brown the Clinical Coordinator of Newborn Care.

Within the hospital there is also another contest going on, who comes up with the most unique names for their little ones.

"Anything they can come up with if they like the way it sounds they are going for it," said Brown.

"We've had some celebrity names; we've had names of countries where the babies were conceived, or maybe a month or a day or even possibly a horoscope name," said Grider.

And parents have different methods they use to help them narrow their creative monikers.

"This is Ryden Edward," said Adrienne Maynor.

"My husband's family for five generations, the first name of the male has been an R and the middle name has been an Edward."

You can't blame parents for wanting to give their kids interesting handles.

"We just knew we wanted an unusual name," said Maynor.

The ringing in of a new year brings with it a sense of fresh beginnings, and bright hopes for the future.

"We hope he grows with it well," said Maynor.

Congratulations to all the future 2013 New Year's babies.

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