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Sister of woman killed in street-racing crash offers scholarships


It's been three years since Sharon Furr's sister Cynthia and niece McCallister died in a horrific crash.

Earlier in the day, the family had gone shopping together. It was Sharon's birthday.

"They left the parking lot, we were loving and swinging and hugging at 4:30 and at 6:30 they were gone, and so that's a deep, deep thing I live with," said Sharon Furr.

The driver who crashed into Furr and her daughter had been street-racing along highway 29 in South Charlotte. The memory of that day is still very painful for Sharon and her parents.

Today, there's a stoplight at the same intersection and a small memorial.

"Christmas is different, very different when you don't have them," said Furr.

But despite her grief, she's determined to honor her sister's memory.

She launched the CindyMackie Foundation to offer scholarships in their names. 

"It makes that bitterness, that sadness, it lessens it just a wee bit to know that we're bringing happiness or joy in someone else's life," said Furr.

The scholarships are offered to teachers and students interested in English, Literature or the Arts.

Sharon says her sister, a teacher, loved to inspire others. She hopes the foundation will carry on her legacy.

"Life life to the fullest every moment, if you live everyday to the fullest, you have no regrets when it's over," she said.

13 year old Hunter Holt was also killed in the crash.

Tyler Stasko was the driver who hit Furr's car.

He's currently serving a four and a half year sentence.

Carlene Atkinson who was racing Stasko took a plea deal and is serving up to 3 years in prison.

To apply for scholarship, visit

The deadline to apply is December 31.


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